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Minimum Quantity Lubrication: Lubricants

UNIST's proprietary Coolube products are premium quality, vegetable-based lubricants that deliver superior performance in machining and cutting applications. These highly refined, biodegradable fluids are specially formulated to work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because it is a premium quality lubricant, the price of a gallon of Coolube is higher than conventional lubricants. However, Coolube is actually cheaper by the drop than messy flood and mist-type lubricants.

Coolube improves work environment; lowers other manufacturing costs:
  •  Non-polluting: biodegradable; eliminates disposal costs
  • Non-toxic: contains no chlorine, silicones or petroleum products; safe for workers to handle
  • Non-hazardous: eliminates air-borne mist particles and related health issues
  • Non-drying; non-staining: reduces scrap metal
  • Promotes longer tool life
  • Performs especially well under extreme pressure and in heavy-duty cutting operations
  • Increases production speed
  • Minimizes or eliminates exit burrs, oversize holes and rough finishes; reduces cost of reworking parts
  • Lets you plate, paint or seal over a surface after a detergent, warm water or cleaning cycle because there is so little residue.

Saves production steps; does not require:
  •  coolant testing
  • coolant treatment
  • tool coatings
  • high pressure systems
  • electric pumps
  • high pressure flood systems
  • Produces clean, dry chips
  • Reduces housekeeping time; cleans up with warm water and soap solution
  • Food-safe formula available
  • Saves floor space

Use Coolube correctly in the proper amounts and it will yield the lowest net manufacturing cost of any lubricating fluid.

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