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Kool Mist coolants are no-oil and are excellent for every machining operation:

  • drilling

  • tapping

  • turning & facing

  • thread chasing

  • surface and tool grinding

  • Blanchard grinding

  • reaming

  • milling

  • profiling

  • engraving

  • pantographing

  • abrasive cut off

  • power hacksawing

  • band sawing

and most other stock removal work.

Kool Mist Formula 78 and Formula 77 will assure superior results and maximum safety conditions from your spray mist system, regardless of make. Both coolants can help boost your output, improve your micro-finishes, and extend your tool life.


*    Outstanding efficiency
No ordinary mist coolant matches Kool Mist for effectiveness. In a given time, Kool Mist can absorb 1000 times as much heat as an equal volume of flood coolant! With destructive heat removed as fast as it generates, production is often doubled and tool life tripled. Heavier cuts, coarser feeds, faster speeds and better micro-finishes become possible, even on tough new alloys and exotic metals.

*    Safe for people, machines and parts
Kool Mist contains no halogens or sulfides and is totally free of dangerous or otherwise troublesome chemicals. It is harmless to operators and ends problems of mist fog fumes. Kool Mist will not cause corrosion, build-up, dermatitis, rancidity or objectionable odors. Neither will it create rust or stains on machined parts even when diluted 32:1 with water. As a result, it sharply reduces parts spoilage, eliminates employee health claims, and precludes problems with health and environmental agencies such as OSHA.


*    Improves machinability

Kool Mist makes common materials more machinable because its outstanding cooling action keeps tools sharp and lubricated. It provides excellent results on ferrous metals, brass, bronze, aluminium and many plastics. Of more importance to those engaged in government contracts, Kool Mist is often the only answer to cutting special alloys and exotic metals.

*    Works with many mist systems

Kool Mist may be used in just about any mist spray coolant system. It will not attack or react with hoses, tanks or valves. Solids do not precipitate from the solution, so there is no possibility of accumulated sludge or clogging of small passages and nozzles.

*    Biodegradable

Both Kool Mist coolant formulas are biodegradable and 100% hydrosoluble, greatly reducing storage and disposal concerns and procedures. Coolant may be disposed of without special treatment and will have no adverse environmental effect.


*    A little does a lot

Kool Mist comes in concentrate form, and may be diluted with water in solutions up to 32:1 (water : concentrate coolant).




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