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Renite D-5-A (liquid – application: atomization)

Renite D-5-A is a lubricant for spray lubrication of shears, serving to keep them moving smoothly, provide cooling, and reduce or eliminate shear marks. The same spray serves to lubricate the delivery system – scoops, troughs and deflectors – and it does so without excessive tendency to build up, due to a minimum tendency to leave carbon residue.
Renite D-5-A is a water-soluble oil, biodegradable when diluted for use; diluted materilal has good stability and neither it nor the concentrate will gum up in cold weather.
Typical dilution ratio is 300:1 (water:concentrate).

See also: Renite D-9; Renite Syn-Cut SC-3
Technical Sheet

Renite D-9 (liquid – application: atomization)

Renite D-9 is a water-dilutable concentrate for lubrication of shears. It is a premium quality lubricant, compared to our Renite D-5-A. Renite D-9 is suitable for higher dilution ratios (800:1 – water:concentrate) well above those of Renite D-5-A, and it is more readily biodegradable than Renite D-5-A.

See also: Renite D-5-A; Renite Syn-Cut SC-3

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Renite Syn-Cut SC-3 (liquid – application: atomization)

It is a soluble shear spray concentrate for lubrication of the automatic shears that cut the stream of molten glass into gobs. Renite Syn-Cut SC-3 is cleaner than a typical soluble oil and it is free of animal, vegetable or mineral oil.
Typical dilution ratio is 600:1 (water:concentrate).

Field trials have shown that the rate of dilution is about twice that of normal petroleum based lubricants.
See also: Renite D-5-A; Renite D-9

Technical Sheet
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