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Generic lubricants

Renite H (liquid – application: swabbing or atomization)

Renite H is a scientifically formulated mould and chain lubricant. It is the most versatile and best performing spray lubricant for glass moulds. It is a lightly graphited oil, uniform in quality, having excellent stability. When applied to a hot metal surface, the oil vehicle boils off cleanly to leave a silvery-black, graphitic solid lubricant film.
It is used in making all kinds of tableware, kitchenware, and other pressed ware items such as glass block, sealed beam headlights, and ophthalmic lenses. Renite H is the lubricant of choice for the Hartford 28 machine and is widely used by artisans and craftsmen in hand shops applied with a swab or oiler.
In automatic or semi-automatic operations, Renite H may be applied to moulds in precise, carefully controlled quantities with Renite E model atomizer, Renite GL model atomizer or Renite Rotator system.

It works perfectly also on hinges, pins, bearings, chains typically involved in the production process of glass fiber and for high-temperature conveyors.
See also: Renite H-9; Renite CH

Technical Sheet

Renite CH (liquid – application: iniection, swabbing or atomization)

Similar to Renite H, though granting a higher quality performance as it produces no oil fumes and is particularly clean. Recommended when extra cleanliness is needed or to comply with high-demanding environmental requirements.

See also: Renite H

Technical Sheet

Renite G and GL (stick – application: manual)

These are sticks of high purity graphite powder (10 inches long and 1½ inches in diameter), used to lubricate forming tools, to be rubbed on the hinge pins and bottom plates of iron molds, etc. to avoid any sticking problem. These sticks can also be applied by swabbing or by using a brush or spatule.
Renite G-Stick and GL-Stick have the same graphite content, with the Renite G-Stick being the softer and lower melting of the two.

Technical Sheet

Renite GL-6 (semifluid – application: manual for production of glass blocks)

Renite GL-6 is mainly used in the production of architectural glass blocks: it is applied to the chucks which hold the glass halves during the sealing operation.

Technical Sheet

Renite #45 and #45-HT (liquid – application: atomization)

Renite #45 and #45-HT are particularly recommended for bigger ware. They contain more graphite than Renite H and CH.
Renite #45-HT has a higher boiling point than #45. Both products are used on television picture tube press applications and for producing monitor screens.

Technical Sheet #45      Technical Sheet #45HT


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