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Precoating of finish moulds

Renite LMP; MP; MPR (pastesapplication: manual, by brush)

Renite Mold Pastes are used for pasting of hand-blown glass molds for the Hartford 28 and similar machines. When brushed on the molds, they serve as a very "tacky" and "sticky" coating which will capture and hold cork or sawdust powder. Baking hardens the coating, which is then rubbed smooth and wetted, the glass turning to some extent on steam as well as on the coating.
Renite MPR is the most widely used mold paste in this series; it is the thickest and tackiest of these three Renite mold pastes. It is a graphited mold paste, with the graphite helping to lubricate, and helping the ware to turn more easily resulting in a smoother surface on the ware.
Renite MP, which also contains graphite, is a little thinner.
Thinnest of all, and containing no graphite, is Renite LMP.

Technical Sheet

Renite Chek-No-Mor (paste – application: manual or atomization)

Renite Chek-No-Mor reduces or eliminates checks when applied to the bottom plates on I.S. machines especially effective when applied to the area corresponding to the knurled area around the bottom of the bottle.

Technical Sheet

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