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Lehr mat

Renite S-24 (liquid – application: roller-and-trough arrangement or spray)

Renite S-24 is a coating for lehr mats, which can largely eliminate bottom checks and rust pick-up as the ware travels through the annealing oven. It is also used as a coating in manufacture of curved glass counter fronts.
Renite S-24 can be applied by spraying or by roller-and-trough arrangement. The unit is placed against the mat at the floor near the hot end where the mat enters the lehr. One application being suitable for several days of operation.
Operators also make an “S-24 Goop” by blending Renite S-24 with an equal volume of flour which makes an excellent and long-lasting coating for take-out tongs, star-wheel paddles, and other such tools that contact hot glass.

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