Mod. KM 60M-12


Technical features

Kool Mist coolant unit model 60M-12 STANDARD consists of:
  • 1 spray coaxial line Loc-Line (legth 305 mm) with heavy duty magnetic base and brass nozzle;

  • 1 valve block with air valve stem for air regulation;

  • 1 coolant siphon line (length 1220 mm) in PVC complete of strainer with stainless steel ball check;

  • 1 air hose;

  • Minimum pressure required: 5 Bar. Better 6 Bar. It is important that the amount of air is constant;

  • Air consumption: 42.48 Lt/min;

  • Coolant consumption: 0.690 Lt/h with a fine spray; 2.0 Lt/h with full spray.


There are also loc-lines of different lengths from the standard.

Coolant siphon lines in PVC
You can take the coolant siphon line of any length.


Control air switches (with pipes and fittings)
To operate the compressed air are available solenoid valves or quick on-off control.


Check valves
To be applied to the coolant siphon lines to prevent the emptying of the system in case of system shutdown.


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