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Universal Tapping Compound

Molecular's Tapping Compound is a heavy duty tapping material, which excels in all areas of tapping.

It is extremely effective on steel, copper, stainless, aluminium, heat treated, and most significantly the exotic metals (i.e. titanium). When starts the tapping operation, thanks to its adhesion properties, with a small brush of this paste on the tip of the male, is greatly reduced friction, it has a tapping softer, easier, with better finishes and an 'extremely long lifetime of males.


Tapping Compound has been proven in field tests for drilling, milling, turning, boring, planing and blanking.


Tapping Compound contains a high content of chlorinated wax, which provides staying power for more economical use. This staying power enables the product to remain on the critical surfaces for longer periods of time. Another savings is due to the fact that this product will not dissipate due to atmospheric evaporation. Tapping Compound is completely safe to use, being that it is non-toxic or injurious to one's health.

It is available in jars of 600 grams or 1 gallon bottles (1 GaL = 3.785 Lt)



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